Abdominal Acupuncture Treatment

Treatment – Abdominal Acupuncture

Abdominal acupuncture is a new, gentle and very powerful type of acupuncture which was created 20 years ago in China by Dr. Zhiyun Bo. It is a micro-system of the whole body.

As its name suggests, abdominal acupuncture uses acupuncture points on the abdominal meridian system which Dr. Bo developed. The acupuncture needles are placed at the superficial level and, due to it being much shallower than traditional acupuncture, some patients find it more comfortable. Also, results are almost immediate which is why abdominal acupuncture has sometimes been referred to as a “miracle treatment”.

Abdominal acupuncture treats all parts of the body because the body’s energy flows are focussed in the umbilicus. In fact, in ancient China, the abdomen was used exclusively for diagnosis. It harmonises, adjusts and rebalances the mind and body. Conditions treated include musculo-skeletal, arthritis, anxiety, stress, chronic long-term diseases.

Sometimes traditional acupuncture points on the body are used also.

Abdominal Acupuncture DublinThe needles are superficially placed and are much shallower than is the case with traditional acupuncture. By stimulating these points on the Channels on the abdomen, the patient can often feel immediate relief.

According to the theory of abdominal acupuncture, the umbilicus has a known circulatory system and a close relationship with qi and blood flowing throughout the body.

Abdominal acupuncture is particularly indicated in patients who are weak or sensitive to acupuncture, such as the very young and the very elderly.

This type of acupuncture can treat the whole body, including internal, difficult and complicated disorders, and also chronic degenerative disorders.


I had a few musculo-skeletal problems when I saw Maria first. I had injured my hand and, separately, shoulder and neck several years before seeing Maria. I had tried lots of different medical treatments, particularly for the neck and shoulder injury, but nothing had worked. At times the pain would bother me a lot and it would radiate down my arm. Maria suggested abdominal acupuncutre. I had never heard of it before but was willing to try it. She used glass cups on my shoulder area afterwards. The result was amazing! After just one treatment I had immediate relief and now, almost a year later, the pain has not returned! I go to Maria anyway for regular acupuncture, when I feel I need to relax, but I want people to know that she is very good and the abdominal acupuncture was great and very effective!“. Olaf

I had chronic tightness in the muscles of my upper and lower back for about two years. I had gone down the conventional route, including having injections for pain, as well as an MRI. I was getting little, if any relief. I had to curtail my sporting activities and just do very light exercise, but even this aggravated the muscles . Apart from sports, it really affected my lifestyle. I had seen Maria’s demonstration of cupping on television so I decided to try that. Maria recommended that I also first have an abdominal acupuncture treatment, which was new but very effective, with quick results. It really worked. After a few minutes into the treatment I noticed the pain and discomfort had reduced. During the following days, I was able to bend and move my back significantly more and, although there was still some discomfort there, it had greatly reduced. I am delighted to have found a relief for it finally“. Dylan

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