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Acupuncture is a branch of medicine which originated thousands of years ago in China. It views the body as one whole energy system and, as such, treats the root cause of a condition requiring relief, as well as the symptoms experienced. It works at an emotional, spiritual and physical level.

A health issue is viewed as a blockage to the flow of our “vital energy”, known as “Qi”, and acupuncture aims to get rid of that blockage and help the body to restore itself to full health. This may be achieved by inserting special sterile, single-use needles into specific acupressure points along pathways known as Channels. Other Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments – including TuiNa massage, heat treatments (moxa, cupping), Chinese herbs, dietary and lifestyle advice – often assist.

The W.H.O. recognises the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating 40 common conditions, ranging from musculo-skeletal disorders, respiratory disorders, gynaecological disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, to being a supportive treatment for quitting smoking and relieving the side effects of chemotherapy.

Acupuncture is sometimes used with conventional medicine, examples being , skin issues, asthma, Assisted Reproductive Therapy.

In TCM the human body is seen as an energy system in which Qi flows along specific pathways, called Meridians or Channels. When a person is healthy, Qi moves in the body with ease, but if its flow is blocked, insufficient or is flowing in the wrong direction, the person will become ill.

I had been having trouble with my back for years, especially my the lower back region where I had actually shattered two discs in a sporting accident almost twenty years ago. As a result, every now and again, while playing tennis or working out in the gym, I would strain the muscles in that area and it would end up feeling very stiff and sore. Two years ago I decided to go to Maria for some treatment and it turned out to be the best decision I have ever made regarding my health and fitness! Maria used a combination of acupuncture, moxa and deep muscle massage (Tui Na) on my back, focusing on the injured lower back region in particular to great effect! I can honestly say that the problem has been resolved! I have not had any pain in my back since the treatment, no matter how much tennis or how much time I spend in the gym every week. I can highly recommend Maria to anybody with similar problems. You will be astounded by the results, as I was I’m sure!” – Mark

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