Herbal Medicine Treatments

It is often beneficial for a patient to take Chinese Herbal Medicine in addition to having acupuncture treatments. Both complement each other and can aid in treating the condition in a more effective way.

Maria Maher holds a Diploma in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and is a member of the Irish Register of Irish Chinese Medical Herbalism (IRCHM). She sometimes prescribes them to patients, particularly if she is treating them for fertility. She holds a Diploma (awarded with Distinction) in TCM Gynaecology and Obstetrics for Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Chinese herbs can be prescribed in various formats, including raw, powdered, or as tincutures, pills, capsules or creams. At AcuWell they are generally prescribed in granule or capsule format.







I was attending Maria for fertility acupuncture. She advised me that, in addition to making some changes to my diet, I should also take Chinese Herbs to help clear up what she termed “Damp” in my body, which was aggravating my sinuses and, ultimately, was not good for trying to conceive. She recommended a colleague of hers who is a registered Chinese Herbalist. I made an appointment with that person and, after a few months of taking the prescribed herbs, my sinuses and other symptoms of “Damp” have improved no-end. I am still having acupunture with Maria and am taking the herbs from her colleague and am much more optimistic about getting pregnant now.” Majella

Maria at Acuwell is a great accupuncturist, very thorough, conscientuous and focused on getting you better. 


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