Back to basics..Jennifer shows off ancient Chinese therapy on the red carpet

The Irish Daily Mail, 18th April 2013

MOST people might choose to be discreet if they were trying out some alternative therapies – but Jennifer Aniston had it written all over her back that she likes to experiment.

The former Friends star made a halfhearted attempt to cover up the remnants of a recent cupping treatment on the red carpet in Hollywood. But it only served to draw attention – which was just as well as the star has a new film to promote.

The 44-year-old chose a strapless outfit that ensured all eyes were on her and exposed the unmistakable markings associated with cupping – an alternative therapy which uses heated cups to cure stress and muscle pain – across her back.

The marks peppered across her shoulders were evident despite the foundation used to cover them as she arrived at the Los Angeles premiere of her latest film, Call Me Crazy, a collection of short stories about mental health which she has helped to produce.

The former Friends star is said to have used the ancient cupping technique, which is believed to improve blood circulation circulation, for over six years. Described as a form of acupuncture, it involves placing glass cups, which have been heated with a naked flame, directly on to the body, creating a vacuum.

The area of skin covered is then sucked up into the cup. As well as stimulating blood flow to the affected areas, it is said to help cure muscle aches and even colds and flu.

The technique was first used in Asia more than 3,000 years ago, but has now become hugely popular, and has been used by stars including Gwyneth Paltrow.

It typically costs up to €50 a session. However, the red circular ‘bruises’ on the skin that result from the treatment can last for between three and seven days.

However, Mike O’Farrell, CEO of the British Acupuncture Council said: ‘Although cupping does leave noticeable marks that can look alarming, it is not painful during or after treatment.’

Dublin-based acupuncture and Chinese medicine centre AcuWell lists cupping as one of the treatments it provides. On its website, Acu- Well state: ‘Cupping stimulates the flow of blood, lymph or fluids, and Qi (“vital energy”) into the affected area. ‘The cups, when removed, sometimes leave temporary marks in the form of red rings or the marks may look like bruises. This is perfectly normal and is not sore; it is just discolouration from stagnant blood and fluids in the area being drawn to the surface and out of the muscles and deeper tissues.’

Ms Aniston also revealed on the red carpet that she had yet to pick out a dress for her upcoming nuptials to actor and director Justin Theroux. ‘No I don’t,’ she replied when asked by E! News if she had a wedding gown. And she did not appear too stressed about it.

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