I would, firstly, like to thank you for being so patient in awaiting a treatment while my clinic was closed. I would also like to welcome any of you who are new to my clinic.

Now that my clinic is reopening, I would like to assure you that I have considered every measure to ensure both your safety, my own safety and the safety of the community. 

I will be following the Guidelines of the Government and those of our Acupuncture Professional Registers at all times. I have also completed WHO COVID-19 related training courses.

It has always been a priority that my clinic is a welcoming, healing and nurturing space when you are present. This is still the case but there will be a few changes that require your attention before coming for treatments in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Details of these changes are outlined in the two pages that follow. Please ensure you read them thoroughly for everyone’s safety. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Rest assured, I am doing everything I can to make us all feel safe while you also have a restful and beneficial treatment.

Warm regards,



Clinic reopening & COVID-19 Prevention Measures

Key changes:

1.Remote Consultations

These will be done prior to attending the clinic for treatment at an agreed time and will normally be one or two days in advance of the treatment. This is to minimise the time you spend at my clinic.  Initial consultations will be done using Zoom whereas follow-up consultations will be done using either mobile phone, FaceTime or Zoom. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

2.“COVID-19 informed consent to treat” & “pre-screening treatment check”

Two forms will be sent to you for signing prior to your initial treatment. One is a Consent to treat form and the other is a pre-treatment check. Please bring these in an envelope with you. The latter will need to be signed before each treatment at the clinic in the treatment room. These are now public health requirements to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

3.Entering the Building

You will be contacted by text or phone call to say when you can enter the building because the waiting area is no longer in use. I will be leaving a gap of 30 minutes between patients in order to avoid overlap and to sanitise the treatment room, including door handles and surfaces. This will be done before and after each patient.

4.Treatment Room

Soft furnishings, including towels, brochures and business cards have been removed. The treatment couch has wipeable covers and pillows. They will be sanitised before and after each patient. The room will be ventilated before and after each patient.


Only the toilet outside my treatment room should be used for hygiene and sanitisation reasons.

6.Face Mask

It will not always be possible to keep a social distance of 2 metres. Therefore, please wear a face mask on arrival into the building and on departure. A 3PLY face mask offers the best protection against the virus. If you are unable to obtain one, I can provide you with one.

I will be wearing a surgical face mask even though I have moved furniture in my Ranelagh Clinic treatment room so that I can be 2 metres from you when you are lying on the treatment couch. I do not intend to wear gloves unless you would feel more comfortable that I do.

7.Hand Sanitising

You will be asked to sanitise your hands upon entering and leaving the clinic treatment room using the hand sanitiser provided. Alternatively, you may wash your hands in the toilet outside my treatment room where paper hand towels will be provided. You may be asked to sanitise or wash your hands at other intervals.I will, as always, be sanitising my hands and washing them frequently and always before and after touching you when required.

8.Temperature Taking

I will request that I take your temperature using a non-contact infrared thermometer. This is required for a Daily Log which will be kept for 2 months for track & tracing purposes.


As all soft furnishings have been removed from my treatment room, please bring two towels of your own in a plastic bag for your comfort. These can be used while you are lying on the treatment couch as blankets.

10.Tongue & Pulse

When your tongue needs to be checked for diagnosis purposes you may be requested to send a picture of it before the treatment or it will be checked, on a case-by-case basis, using Zoom or FaceTime. I may check your pulse at the desk before you lie on the treatment couch. I will be wearing a face mask and will be sanitising my hands before and after taking your pulse.

11.Documents & Pen

If you are bringing any documents such as completed questionnaires, test results or signed consent forms please bring these in an envelope. Please also bring your own pen for signing the pre-treatment screening check at my clinic. If you do not have one a pen can be provided which you can take away with you when leaving.

12.Personal Belongings

You will be asked to put these on a chair which will be sanitised before and after each patient.


Both cash/cheque and non-contact payment methods can be used. The exact amount of cash, or a cheque, should be provided in an envelope. Non-contact forms of payment include Revolut App and bank transfer. When non-contact forms of payment are used payment should be made in advance of the initial remote consultation and/or follow-up treatment, as appropriate.


With the exception of the OAP rate, fees have been increased slightly. Please see the following page of AcuWell website: https://www.acuwell.ie/contact/opening-hours-fees/