Gift Vouchers

Give a gift voucher from AcuWell

Give a gift for health: “The greatest wealth is Health.” ~Unknown

Option 1) Acupuncture consultation and treatment: €65.00. A full consultation followed by a treatment, lasting approx. 75 minutes.

Option 2) “Opening Heaven’s Gate” (Tui Na massage): €50.00. This is a relaxing Chinese deep tissue massage treatment of the head, neck and face which lasts approx. 30 minutes.

Option 3) Quit Smoking Package: €220.00. With New Year’s resolutions time approaching, this package might suit you or someone you know. It includes an initial consultation and treatment and 3 follow-up treatments, as well as advice and tips to help you succeed. Follow-up treatments last approx. 50 minutes each. This package includes a €25.00 discount on normal prices!

Option 4) Voucher for your chosen value. You are welcome to purchase a voucher for whatever amount you wish and the value will be put towards the recipient’s desired treatment.

Gift vouchers are non-refundable.

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