Are you stuck for a gift idea for someone this Christmas? Why not give them a gift voucher from AcuWell? You can even buy it online if you can’t get to one of AcuWell’s clinics. The voucher can be used for any of the multiple conditions that acupuncture can treat (40 according to the W.H.O.). These include:

Back pain
Stress and/or Anxiety
Quitting smoking
Menstrual issues
Digestive problems
Skin conditions
Support for cancer treatment
Weight losss
and more

Acupuncture is a branch of medicine and is part of a healthcare system dating back 3,000 years known as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In Chinese medicine our bodies are seen as one energy system, rather than separate parts, and that energy is known as “Qi” (“vital energy”) which is flowing in invisible pathways around the body called Channels or Meiridians. If there is a blockage to that flow of Qi, it manifests as a health condition, such as a headache, or back pain or sinusitis. The aim of acupuncture is to get rid of that blockage and restore the body to full health. This is done by inserting tiny, single-use needles into acupressure points along the Channels, thereby helping the body to regain full health and relieve the health issue.

Acupuncture works at an emotional and spiritual level as well as a physical level.

With a gift voucher you can choose a single treatment or several treatments. It’s you choice! You or someone you care about might like to try it out. It is very relaxing and it is “time for you”. Here are a few suggestions:

Option 1) Acupuncture consultation and treatment: €65.00. A full consultation followed by a treatment, lasting approx. 75 minutes.

Option 2) “Opening Heaven’s Gate” (Tui Na massage): €50.00. This is a relaxing Chinese deep tissue massage treatment of the head, neck and face which lasts approx. 30 minutes.

Option 3) Quit Smoking Package: €220.00. With New Year’s resolutions time approaching, this package might suit you or someone you know. It includes an initial consultation and treatment and 3 follow-up treatments, as well as advice and tips to help you succeed. Follow-up treatments last approx. 50 minutes each. This package includes a €25.00 discount on normal prices!

Option 4) Voucher for your chosen value. You are welcome to purchase a voucher for whatever amount you wish and the value will be put towards the recipient’s desired treatment.

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me, Maria, on 098-7788591 or see Gift Vouchers under the Opening Hours & Fees page
Acupuncture Consultation & Treatment Gift Voucher