Shocking to read that “…A link has been confirmed between hormonal contraceptives and depression”.

A lot of my patients have been on, or are on the oral contraceptive pill. The reasons vary from being for contraceptive purposes, to regulating their menstrual cycle, to controlling endometriosis, to requirement pre-IVF cycle, to improving their skin in the case of acne. The potential side effects are many but this one is quite alarming.

Studies have shown that women taking the combined oral contraceptive pill – oestrogen and progestin – increase their risk of suffering from depression by 23%. Here are some other alarming facts in the study:

Fact: Women using the progestin only Pill (“mini-pill”) are 34% more likely to suffer from depression.

Fact: Teenagers are at the greatest risk: 80% increase if taking combined Pill and two-fold risk if taking progestin only Pill.

Fact: Non-Pill alternatives such as the hormonal IUS/coil, the patch and the ring increase depression at a much higher rate than either oral contraceptive.

Fact: The Pill may worsen the condition for women who already suffer from depression.

Depression causes far too much unnecessary heartache in society today, not just for those suffer from it, but also for those who know someone who suffers from it. Why risk causing more suffering?

Women should consider the other alternatives where possible.

One alternative for some of these health issues is acupuncture. Acupuncture is safe, effective and drug-free. It works at a physical, emotional and spiritual level. A health issue is seen as a blockage in the flow of our vital energy, known as “Qi”, which is flowing in pathways known as Channels. Specific pressure points along these Channels aim to get rid of that blockage and restore the body to health again.

For fertility and/or menstrual issues it balances hormones and sends more blood to the reproductive system. It is also excellent at relieving stress which, therefore, benefits anyone suffering from anxiety, stress or mild to moderate depression.

You can read the article by clicking hereGuardian OCP5466.