It’s a sad fact but unfortunately it’s true, according to a study of males in the western world. The study incorporates the years between 1973 and 2011.

One third of the time the reason a couple has difficulty conceiving is due to the man. Sperm is especially sensitive to lifestyle and diet choices. Past injuries or medical issues can affect sperm Here is a list of some potential reasons why:

– Smoking
– Using laptop on lap
– Keeping mobile phone in front pocket of trousers
– Saunas
– Tight underwear or trousers
– Cycling
– Working with toxins
– Recreational drugs
– Alcohol
– Stress
– Cancer
– Undescended testes as a child
– Varicocles
– Poor diet

The good news is that sperm can be improved. Acupuncture, dietary & lifestyle changes, Chinese herbal medicine – all help. This is an area of special interest at AcuWell.