The New Year is a time when people think about the year ahead, how they may want to change or improve their lives or their health, be that mental or physical well-being. Typically people join a gym, yoga or mindfulness class, or follow a detox diet. New Year’s resolutions might include quitting smoking, losing weight, taking up a new hobby, decluttering your home or your mind.

More people look to acupuncture to help them achieve this and help them with their New Year’s resolutions to have a healthier mental and physical sense of wellbeing. This is because acupuncture works at a physical, emotional and spiritual level, as evidenced in studies, including the one in this article.

Acupuncture can, for example, support people to:

Quit smoking
Lose weight
Feel more energetic
Be relaxed
Be pain free
Feel calm
Become parents

As the article explains, acupuncture is an holistic medicine which uses tiny, single use sterile needles in acupressure points along pathways (Channels) where energy (Qi) flows to restore the body to mental, physical and spiritual health. The W.H.O. recognises its effectiveness in treating 40 common conditions, including:

Back pain
Fertility / Infertility
Anxiety & Stress
Respiratory conditions
Digestive issues
Skin problems
Migraine headaches
and more.

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