“I know, first-hand, what the benefits of acupuncture are. In fact, it is the reason I am an acupuncturist today! The first time I had it was when I was diagnosed with brain cancer (that dreaded “C word”). I had to have 30 sessions of radiotherapy and four months of chemotherapy and suffered from nausea, headaches, low energy and sometimes low spirits. A course of acupuncture helped change that. I felt so much better after each acupuncture treatment – headache gone, nausea gone, and I felt better mentally too. It really helped me get through the long journey that illness brings and on my road to recovery. It has also helped relieve my lower back pain any time I get back pain (from tennis!). The experience convinced me to practise acupuncture full time and help others get through whatever health issue they have. I hope you will give it a try. I’d love to help you.” – Maria Maher, AcuWell

“Maria at Acuwell is a great accupuncturist, very thorough, conscientuous and focused on getting you better.” – Vera

“I contacted Maria to try acupuncture as a tool for managing stress. Maria has a warm and calm manner and explained how everything works in advance. I found it so helpful, I went back on a number of occasions and found it very useful and therapeutic. If you imagine acupuncture will hurt, it doesn’t! You’ll leave feeling relaxed and restored. I would recommend to anyone.” – Ciara

“Not only is Maria an expert in her field, but she is also friendly and empathetic. She is keen to put you at ease immediately and ensures you get the best care. I found the environment to be a very restful one where I could relax while Maria practised what I found to be very effective acupuncture treatments. I always left AcuWell feeling relaxed, more positive and could look forward to a very restful night’s sleep! I would highly recommend Maria to anyone considering acupuncture.” – Courtenay

“I suffered from social anxiety for many years. I still have do but less so than before I had acupuncture. It definitely helped me. The anxiety was affecting my intimate relationship with my girlfriend, causing me libido and fear of not being able to perform. I had about 6 or 8 sessions of acupuncture with Maria and am delighted to say that I now have a healthy intimate relationship with my girlfriend.” – Tom

“I had had very bad sciatica for about 6 years, on and off, before I went to Maria. It was affecting my sleep and my daily life. I had tried alternative medicine as well as conventional medicine, but I only ever got brief relief. Maria used acupuncture and a heat lamp on me and then massaged a warm oil into my lower back before I left. After that first treatment I was amazed how I felt! I had almost immediate relief and, a week later, at my second treatment, the pain had almost completely gone! It felt great to finally be able to enjoy a normal, daily routine again. I will definitely return to Maria in the future and would recommend her to anyone.” – Tina

“I have had lower back problems for 25 years. My excellent physio suggested acupuncture to help with management of pain. After a course of treatments with Maria I was able to reduce my medication and had significantly improved movement. The cupping and massage after treatment is very soothing and relaxing. Acupuncture is a very ancient tried and tested branch of medicine, and unlike conventional medicine it does not have unpleasant side effects. Maria is simply gifted.” – Kate

“I had a few musculo-skeletal problems when I saw Maria first. I had injured my hand and, separately, shoulder and neck several years before seeing Maria. I had tried lots of different medical treatments, particularly for the neck and shoulder injury, but nothing had worked. At times the pain would bother me a lot and it would radiate down my arm. Maria suggested abdominal acupuncture. I had never heard of it before but was willing to try it. She used glass cups on my shoulder area afterwards. The result was amazing! After just one treatment I had immediate relief and now, almost a year later, the pain has not returned! I go to Maria anyway for regular acupuncture, when I feel I need to relax, but I want people to know that she is very good and the abdominal acupuncture was great and very effective!” – Olaf

“I had a tennis-induced shoulder injury when I went to Maria. My right shoulder felt very tight and I had difficulty moving it. Maria treated me with acupuncture, followed by cupping and Tui Na. The treatment was very relaxing and, more importantly, I have had no trouble with my shoulder since!” – Marco

“I woke up one morning with spasms in my neck. They actually went down my spine for a couple of hours. I was unable to move my neck at all; it became frozen. It was very distressing, as well as painful, because I have a young baby to look after. A friend recommended that I try acupuncture so I contacted Maria and she used abdominal acupuncture on me. I had never had acupuncture before and was a bit concerned that it might hurt but as I was in so much pain and discomfort I was willing to try anything. It didn’t hurt at all and, to my delight, I was able to move my neck again after about 10 minutes of the treatment. When I left Maria’s clinic, my neck felt light again and “freer”. I would highly recommend Maria.” – Amy

“I had been having trouble with my back for years, especially my the lower back region where I had actually shattered two discs in a sporting accident almost twenty years ago. As a result, every now and again, while playing tennis or working out in the gym, I would strain the muscles in that area and it would end up feeling very stiff and sore. Two years ago I decided to go to Maria for some treatment and it turned out to be the best decision I have ever made regarding my health and fitness! Maria used a combination of acupuncture, moxa and deep muscle massage (Tui Na) on my back, focusing on the injured lower back region in particular to great effect! I can honestly say that the problem has been resolved! I have not had any pain in my back since the treatment, no matter how much tennis or how much time I spend in the gym every week. I can highly recommend Maria to anybody with similar problems. You will be astounded by the results, as I was I’m sure!” – Mark

“I had been suffering from tennis elbow for about a month when someone recommended I ask Maria to treat it with acupuncture. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the physiotherapy was not giving me much relief. I was very pleasantly surprised when, after one acupuncture treatment I felt great relief and, after another six over a period of two months, I was able to play badminton again. Maria used electro-acupuncture on me and moxa, as well as massaging it. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.” – Kevin

“A friend recommended attending AcuWell for Fertility Acupuncture. We had been trying to conceive for over two years when I decided to go to Maria. Following a few months of treatment, I found out I was pregnant! Maria is lovely and she is very informed in what she does. She was extremely professional at all times and it was easy for me to trust her. She gave me lots of information which was very helpful too. I would definitely recommend going to Maria for Fertility Acupuncture.” – Nessa

“I attended AcuWell for acupuncture prior to conception, for the first trimester and for the final few weeks of pregnancy in preparation for labour. I feel so blessed to have had an amazing pregnancy and birthing experience and to now be the proud mother of a beautiful 8 week old baby boy. I’m sure acupuncture helped me achieve my dream of becoming a mother. Maria is lovely, gentle and well informed making her very easy to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend acupuncture with AcuWell as part of your pregnancy journey.” – Ruth

“I could not recommend Maria enough she was amazing throughout my pregnancy journey from start to finish and always a most professional and warm person who I could count on as a friend too.” – Hilda

“We had been trying for a baby for about 2 years and nothing was happening. A friend recommended Maria to me so I went to her for acupuncture treatments. I felt I was in good hands, given her experience and success with fertility acupuncture. Unfortunately my husband lost his job around that time so I was unable to go for treatments on a regular basis but she gave me dietary advice for us both to follow. I decided to go for acupuncture treatments again when, about a year later, we were attending a fertility clinic. We had decided to try one IUI and, if that didn’t work, one cycle of IVF. During the three months before IUI, I had acupuncture treatments with Maria and, to my delight, I became pregnant! We never had to attend the fertility clinic in the end. I had a treatments during my pregnancy and am now 9 months pregnant and am looking forward to being a “Mum” any day now! I am very grateful to Maria for her help in making this happen.” – Bernice

I went to Maria for Fertility Acupuncture while I was preparing for IUI because a good friend of mine who had been going to Maria during an IVF cycle spoke very highly of her. I had already had two miscarriages before I first saw Maria. I felt I was in very safe hands because Maria has done a lot of training and has a lot of experience in the area. I found her very helpful and reassuring. To my delight I became pregnant! I continued to attend Maria every two weeks until I was 12 weeks pregnant and I now look forward to attending her as my pregnancy progresses. I would recommend her to anyone.” – Emer

“I was trying to conceive for a little over three years and, like anyone who desperately wants to become a mother, I used Google to search for alternative therapies which would be useful. I came across the Zita West Fertility Clinic. It was on that website that I found Maria’s details. I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I found Fertility Acupuncture to be of great assistance in helping me to relax and found Maria very reassuring and useful with information she had given to me. Following 6 sessions, I discovered I was pregnant. I am now 8 months pregnant and looking forward to becoming a Mum.” – Arlene

“Myself and my husband attended Maria for acupuncture because we had no option but to go down the IVF route, unfortunately, and knew that Fertility Acupuncture would increase our chances of success. It was our first time so we wanted to do everything right. We both enjoyed the treatments with Maria and I found it really helped me to relax. She knows so much about the process and how it can be very stressful for both partners. It worked! We are now expecting our first baby!” – Patricia

“I attended Maria while I was pregnant. Initially, I had very bad nausea and found it difficult to eat anything. Acupuncture really helped. Not only did it relieve my nausea, but I got my appetite back. I continued to be treated by Maria on a monthly basis to ensure I had a healthy pregnancy. I would highly recommend attending Maria if you are pregnant.” – Mary

“Having previously had a treatment with a different acupuncturist, I was sceptical because I hadn’t felt anything during that treatment. However, I found that I actually felt something during the treatment with Maria and more importantly, we got the end result we desired.” – Ian

“I had acupuncture with Maria because I was trying for a baby and I have endometriosis. I had been pregnant before but miscarried. I had booked to attend a fertility clinic. I found Maria very reassuring and she gave me lots of valuable information. While attending her and before starting any medication from the fertility clinic, I discovered I was pregnant! I am now 7 months into my pregnancy!” – Aisling

“I started doing Fertility Acupuncture as part of the IVF process. I had previously had treatments with a different acupuncturist but I didn’t find those treatments relaxing and so I wanted to try someone new. I find my treatments with Maria really relaxing; in fact I regularly fall asleep. Maria has detailed knowledge of fertility and the IVF process which is great and makes you feel that you are in safe and confident hands. Also, the location so close to the city centre which means that I can have treatments during my lunch break and this is really convenient for me. I have already recommended Maria to friends and will continue to do so.” – Mary

“Maria Maher is an exceptionally professional lady and I received regular treatments from her to improve my general well being while at my busy job. I was also planning a family at that time. I subsequently had treatments from Maria throughout my pregnancy. Maria has the ability to customise the treatments provided which is fantastic and effective. She takes the time to really listen and understand what you are trying to achieve in terms of health and well being. I would highly recommend Maria for treatments whether you are trying to address an issue or are just being proactive about your overall well being.” – Rosemary

“I was attending Maria for Fertility Acupuncture. She advised me that, in addition to making some changes to my diet, I should also take Chinese Herbs to help clear up what she termed “Damp” in my body, which was aggravating my sinuses and, ultimately, was not good for trying to conceive. She recommended a colleague of hers who is a registered Chinese Herbalist. I made an appointment with that person and, after a few months of taking the prescribed herbs, my sinuses and other symptoms of “Damp” have improved no-end. I am still having acupunture with Maria and am taking the herbs from her colleague and am much more optimistic about getting pregnant now.” – Majella

I went to Maria for Fertility Acupuncture as a complementary therapy for IVF as I’d heard that acupuncture works well with the IVF process. I found Maria simply through the Internet as she was registered as being a Zita West affiliated acupuncturist and I was a bit unsure as I hadn’t had a personal recommendation. However, from the first treatment I found Maria to be extremely professional, polite and kind. Her rooms are spotlessly clean and relaxing. I found the treatments a bit strange at first but then got more used to them and found them very relaxing – often falling asleep, like I know others have done previously.

I also got a treatment on the day of my embryo transfer, pre- and post-transfer itself. As it happened, it fell on a Sunday and Maria very graciously obliged me without a fuss, treating me out of hours and having to hang around and wait while I attended my fertility clinic. I was very grateful for that given that I had only been a patient for a short while.

Throughout my IVF process my results were better than expected and, whether that was luck or the acupuncture treatments or a combination of both, I’ll never know, but I am now pregnant! I’m glad I went to Maria and would continue to use her if I had problems in any other area again.” – Marjorie

“I’ve been attending Maria for two years for a severe case of endometriosis and weakened immunity, including recurring sinusitis. During this time I’ve made significant progress with my condition and have not taken an antibiotic in almost 12 months. I find Maria to be an excellent acupuncturist who shows her patients empathy for their condition and uses her knowledge on how best to treat them. I would have no hesitation in recommending Maria to friends and family.” – Norma

“My menstrual cycle had always been rather long and occasionally quite unpredictable, possibly due to me having PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Although the contraceptive Pill made my periods regular, it also had unfavourable side affects so I wanted to try a more natural and gentle alternative and decided to try acupuncture. Several acupuncture sessions with Maria made a huge difference and after just 2 months of treatment my cycle became more regular and has remained so for over a year now. Maria is very knowledgeable, professional and helpful and I often received not only effective treatment but also good advice on fertility and general well-being. I would recommend Maria to everyone.” – Jana

“Finding Maria has been a great discovery. My sinus-associated symptoms were getting out of control and were affecting my energy levels overall. Maria worked on a programme, just for me and in no time at all I was feeling a new person. I see Maria for general “maintenance” every couple of months for my overall health. It has been great. I would highly recommend her for the results on the treatment I have received, her professional approach and genuine interest in her patients’ wellbeing and health.” – Dolores

“I have been treated by Maria from AcuWell since 2008 for problems with my sinues as well as my back and stomach, and I have found her treatments outstanding. She is very thorough in discovering what is at the root of your problem, and also keeps up with new treatment options. – Veronica

“When I first went to Maria I had already had a colonoscopy and endoscopy and nothing had shown up. I was told that the pain in my stomach was psychosomatic. Yes, I had a lot of stress in my life at the time, but I wanted relief from the stomach pain and did not want to take the anit-depressants I was prescribed. Maria was very sympathetic and was confident she could be of help. I had acupuncture and Tui Na massage. She said the massage was called “Opening Heaven’s Gate”!. I noticed an improvement quickly, to my delight. Maybe the stomach pain was stress-related. I don’t know. I just know that I am delighted that I went to Maria!” – Mark

“I had always suffered from constipation and loose stools. IBS was diagnosed after tests were done and I was given dietary advice. However, the problem continued. My GP gave me a prescription but I don’t like taking medication. A friend suggested I try acupuncture instead and referred me to Maria, who she had heard very good things about. I was a bit sceptical at first but decided I had nothing to lose. I started to feel an improvement after 2 sessions and by about 6 sessions my digestion was much improved. I started to come once every two weeks then for awhile, the once every 3 weeks until Maria and I decided that I could discontinue the treatments and just come if I needed a “top up”, so-to-speak. So far – touch wood! – I have been managing fine. I would highly recommend that you try acupuncture for this or similar problems, if you have them.” – Tara

“I had been suffering from the occasional migraine for 12 years, but the frequency had increased when I first went to Maria. I had already seen my GP and I saw a neurologist at a later date. The symptoms were sudden blurred vision, numbness of my arm and impaired speech. I had four acupuncture treatments with Maria over a six week period and, almost one year later, they have not reoccurred. I found the treatments very relaxing and felt my overall well being was improving. I would have no hesitation in recommending Maria.” – Cora

“I went to Maria to receive acupuncture for treatment of migraines which I was having frequently at the time. My symptoms were tingling in one of my arms, nausea, facial pain and sudden changes in mood. Maria is very professional and makes you feel at ease. She takes time to learn about you, your lifestyle and your condition and then plans treatments accordingly. I found the treatments really helped reduce the frequency of my migraines and always felt more energetic after my appointment. I would recommend Maria to friends/family.” – Anita

“I feel that I have benefitted greatly from my acupuncture treatments with Maria in the overall sense of wellbeing, energy and my skin. It has been a really positive experience and I will definitely return to Maria if I need to.” – Deirdre

“I had had bad facial skin for many years before I went to Maria for acupuncture treatments to try to relieve it. I am very conscious about what I eat and adjusted my diet to help my skin but I still got itchy spots on my face. Topical creams had been to no avail. I was delighted that even after one acupuncture treatment I got relief! People even commented to me that I was looking much better so it wasn’t my imagination! I continued the acupuncture but was happy with the course of 4 or 5 treatments. I’d recommend anyone who has skin issues to go to Maria.” – Lorna

“I know, first-hand, how acupuncture can help you when you have cancer. In fact, it is the reason I am an acupuncturist today! After I had gone through surgery to remove a brain tumour, I had to have 30 sessions of radiotherapy and four months of chemotherapy. I suffered from nausea and headaches as a result and was frequently low in energy. Acupuncture helped change that. I had a course of acupuncture treatments and felt so much better after each treatment – no headache or nausea any more, and I felt better mentally too. It really helped me get through the long journey that illness brings. I kept it up during my recovery too. I have since had acupuncture to relieve lower back pain, but this experience with “the big ‘C’ word” convinced me to practise it full time and help others get through whatever health issue they have, be that cancer or not. I hope you will give it a try. I’d love to help you.” – Maria Maher, AcuWell

“I was having chemotherapy, following surgery for breast cancer, when I first went to Maria for acupuncture. I had some nausea, hot flushes, I was low in energy and my head felt “foggy”. Apart from the acupuncture really helping to relieve these symptoms, I felt very reassured by Maria because she understood, from her own experience with cancer, how I was feeling. I found her gentle yet strong. She was able to give me advice on ways to cope and on resources available that could be of help if I wanted. I have continued to go to Maria to maintain my health. I would highly recommend her to others.” – Alison


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