As many of you know, acupuncture is excellent for treating fertility, both natural and assisted. I treat a lot of couples who are trying to conceive either naturally or with the help of IUI or IVF. Acupuncture for fertility ensures there is good blood flow to the reproductive system, it modulates hormones and relieves stress. It also complements any medications the woman may be taking.

It was interesting to see that there is a new documentary series called “The Babymakers” on TV3. It follows 6 Irish couples over the course of one year, each of whom was going through fertility treatments at one of Ireland’s fertility clinics. It certainly shows the emotional rollercoaster that IVF is. Unfortunately the benefits of acupuncture were not discussed but there are studies that show that acupuncture can make a huge difference in helping make the couple’s journey easier and, when it comes to an actual IVF transfer, having acupuncture twice on that day – once before the transfer and once after it – can increase the success rate by as much as 40%.

As I state on my Acupuncture for Fertility and Pregnancy page, acupuncture can help as follows:

Acupuncture can help relieve common female gynaecological conditions which affect the ability to conceive. These include:

– Enodmetriosis
– Low Ovarian Reserve
– Irregular Menstrual Cycles
– Endometriosis
– Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

as well as Autoimmune issues.

Acupuncture can also help relieve common male fertility issues, such as:

– Low sperm count
– Poor sperm motility and morphology
– DNA fragmentation issues
– Varicoceles

If you missed last night’s episode of TV3’s documentary series “The Babymakers” you can watch it on TV3 Player